BimTube Podcast

#2 - Dr Andy Evans - Geospatial & Digital Construction

October 07, 2022 BimTube Episode 2
BimTube Podcast
#2 - Dr Andy Evans - Geospatial & Digital Construction
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Show Notes

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In this BimTube Podcast Dr Andrew Evans PhD, BSc (Hons), FCInstCES, CEng Principal Consultant, Digital Construction Works, and CICES President talks to Steven.

Andrew discusses how data and digital are unlocking efficiencies for construction and how geospatial solutions and emergent technology are part of this when enabled by aspects such as; 'Better Information Management', clarity of purpose, outcomes monitoring, improvements in client capability and good communications.

About Andrew:
Expertise & Focus: RTK GPS and Augmented Reality; Geospatial Imaging, primarily on the application of 3D measurement, digital photogrammetry and LiDAR; BIM process relating to surveyWork Environments: Academic and industrial work experience, works for Digital Construction Works (who's mission is: 'To innovate, advise, and deliver fit-for-purpose digital construction services, solutions, and analytics to optimize construction project delivery and outcomes'), previous to this working at TopCon a survey instrumentation manufacturer involved with application engineering, product support and marketing.Specialties: Application Engineering, High Precision Positioning. GNSS, Total Stations, LiDAR, Mass Data Collection.Projects & Extra Curricular Activity: Fellow of the Chartered Institution of Civil Engineering Surveyors, Supporter of, Steering Committee & Technical Member of Survey4BIM.

Orgazinations, companies, groups, terms or concepts referred to:
Chartered Institution of Civil Engineering Surveyors (CICES):
Construction Verification Initiative:
Digital Construction Works (DCW):

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