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#3 - Mark Enzer OBE FREng - The Impact of Digital Twins

October 24, 2022 BimTube Episode 3
BimTube Podcast
#3 - Mark Enzer OBE FREng - The Impact of Digital Twins
Show Notes

In this BimTube Podcast we speak to Mark Enzer OBE, about the impact of Digital Twins, what these are and how they are helping delivery and demostrate bettee outcomes for built and natuaral environments.

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Overveiw to Mark:

Mark is a keen champion of innovation in the context of collaborative delivery models and he is particularly interested in transformational change in the infrastructure industry (including: digital transformation, Smart Infrastructure, low-carbon sustainable solutions, platform-based delivery and design for manufacture and assembly).

As Mott MacDonald’s Chief Technical Officer, he is accountable to the Executive Board for technical excellence across the Group.  As the Chair of CDBB’s Digital Framework Task Group, Mark is contributing to the leadership of the National Digital Twin Programme.

Mark was the Digital Transformation workstream lead on “Project 13” for the Infrastructure Client Group, which represents the UK’s major infrastructure client organisations and he was the Lead Author of the Infrastructure Carbon Review, published by HM Treasury.

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