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#4 - Chris Ewing - Data and Digital for Insurance

October 28, 2022 BimTube Episode 4
BimTube Podcast
#4 - Chris Ewing - Data and Digital for Insurance
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Show Notes

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In this BimTube Podcast we speak to Chris Ewing MSc, CGeog (GIS) about the how data and emergent digital solutions are improving the way risk is modelling and how insurance services are delivered.
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Chris specialises in the use of catastrophe modelling for the (re)insurance industry. He works with clients to help better understand their catastrophe risk, and advocates the use of catastrophe risk models and data for insurers and reinsurers.

Chris is a volunteer with MapAction, the disaster mapping charity, and has knowledge of many aspects of geospatial and information technology in insurance, engineering, public and humanitarian sectors. He has overseas experience in Europe, Africa, Asia and the Americas, and is interested in mapping to aid disaster response.

Specialties: catastrophe model development, business development, account management, GIS and remote sensing, data management, visualisation, project planning, requirements analysis, humanitarian mapping

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