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#7 - Peter Kohler - Combating Martine Litter

March 09, 2023 BimTube Episode 7
BimTube Podcast
#7 - Peter Kohler - Combating Martine Litter
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Show Notes

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In this BimTube Podcast we speak to Peter Kohler about data visualisation, mapping and wider data science techniques, such as artificial intelligence (AI), are building insights to help develop and implement strategies to combat marine litter.

Peter Kohler  BSc (Hons)
Senior Marine Litter Scientist, Cefas
CEO & Co-Founder, The Plastic Tide

Peter's LinkedIn:

As the founder of The Plastic Tide, a CIO Charity, Peter work with a dedicated team of professionals and scientists who strive for a cleaner ocean for humanity. The Plastic Tide's mission is to reveal and relieve an ocean under siege from marine litter and plastics, bringing the damage this siege has on all life to this planet to the fore, informing and monitoring solutions to it.

Their cutting-edge and cross-discipline use of tech, science, drone and citizen science gives them the unique ability to reveal the extent of the problem and inform solutions. The scalable, cost-effective power of their drone imagery and autonomous machine learning allows them to build a picture of marine litter and plastics on an unprecedented scale. This information provides scientists, politicians, campaigners, beach cleaners and classrooms the knowledge to help better clean all our beaches today, but also inform the action to reduce it for tomorrow.

The Plastic Tide wants to deliver an open-source platform to provide humanity, for the first time, the knowledge needed to focus the fight against marine litter and plastics!

Independent of his work as CEO and Founder of The Plastic Tide, he works in an innovative team in Cefas's world-leading Marine Sciences department. Here he analyses the full spectrum of the marine litter challenge from land to sea, from design to education. Working with governments and a full spectrum of stakeholders, within cultures and countries to build and assist in implementing lasting national strategies to help enable change where it is needed most to combat marine litter.

About Cefas
The Centre for Environment, Fisheries and Aquaculture Science (Cefas), is an executive agency of the United Kingdom government Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra). It carries out a wide range of research, advisory, consultancy, monitoring and training activities for a large number of customers around the world.

Peter's suggested list:
Ocean Conservancy -
Marine Conservation Society -
United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) -
UNEP Report:
Ellen MacArthur F

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