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#9 - Marc Goldman - Unlocking Geospatial Value

March 17, 2023 BimTube Episode 9
BimTube Podcast
#9 - Marc Goldman - Unlocking Geospatial Value
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Show Notes

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In this BimTube Podcast we speak to Marc Goldman about how GIS and location intelligence unlock value with data-driven decision-making for architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) and Infrastructure Management professionals.


Marc Goldman is Director of AEC Industry Solutions and is responsible for messaging and marketing strategies for Esri’s efforts related to the built and natural environment. He is a leading expert in BIM and its impact on the processes and business of the design and construction industry. As a business advisor, Marc identifies and analyzes processes and translates them into products, services and industry solutions. He works with a strong international network of AEC experts at Esri to promote the proven solutions to the industry he knows well. Over the last two decades of delivering products and services to the industry, Marc has formed, hired, managed, mentored, and inspired technical sales and development teams in both large organizations and start-up environments. He studied architecture and civil engineering at Tulane University. He lives and works in the suburbs of Denver Colorado where he bikes and skis when the weather permits.

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