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#14 - Iain Miskimmin - Advancing Digital Skills and Knowledge

June 02, 2023 Iain Miskimmin Episode 14
BimTube Podcast
#14 - Iain Miskimmin - Advancing Digital Skills and Knowledge
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Show Notes

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In this episode of the BimTube Podcast we speak with Iain Miskimmin. He discusses the importance of linking data and digital initiatives in the built environment - such as 'BIM' and Digital Twins - with clarity of purpose and value. Iain has been instrumental in education, upskilling and training - both in the UK and Globally - in Digital Engineering, the opportunities and challenges around this are discussed.

About Ian

Iain Miskimmin has been part of the Infrastructure Industry for almost 25 years. Running the highly successful Academy for 8 years delivering digital knowledge exchange and advice to over 10 thousand people world-wide.

A BIM/ Digital advisor and enthusiast, he has been involved in delivering many of the standards, initiatives and education programmes helping governments, major projects, organisations, and institutes across the globe.

Some of his thought leadership has covered Information Requirements, for business, policy, finance, insurance, and project delivery.

Iain in LinkedIn:

Main resources discussed in this podcast:

Sunbelt Rentals - YouTube Playlist on Building Information Modelling (BIM):
   • Sunbelt Rentals B... 

COMIT (Construction, Operations & Maintenance Innovation through Technology):

• COMIT home page -
• BIM -
• BIM Videos:

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