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#17 - Dr Anita Soni & George Floros - Empowering Digital Construction with GeoBIM in AECOO

August 07, 2023 Dr Anita Soni & George Floros Episode 17
BimTube Podcast
#17 - Dr Anita Soni & George Floros - Empowering Digital Construction with GeoBIM in AECOO
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Show Notes

Delve into our podcast episode on GeoBIM integration in Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC). This episode unveils the full AECOO (Architecture, Engineering, Construction, Owner, Operator) or out simply, the whole life cycle of built assets.

Featured guests Dr. Anita Soni and George Floros from Skanska discuss BIM, GIS, and data management, emphasizing data visualization and real-time construction updates.

Discover Skanska's dedication to data compliance, engagement with standards bodies like the OGC, and alignment with the ISO 19650 series. They leverage automation for data accuracy and inspire their supply chain to uphold standards.

This conversation illuminates the essence of collaboration, shared insights, and the impact of evolving industry standards. Dive into the digital construction domain.

About Dr. Anita Soni:
Skanska Infrastructure UK's Pre-Construction BIM Lead, Anita possesses deep civil industry experience. Affiliated with the High Speed 2 Railway Civils Contract, she focuses on enhancing the synergy of Survey, BIM, and GIS throughout different phases. A Geomatic Engineering expert, Anita achieved her EngD from University College London, pioneering in non-contact technologies like laser scanning for railway infrastructure.

About Georgios (George) Floros:
George, Skanska UK-Infrastructure’s GIS Head, propels digital transformation via geospatial data. Prioritizing stakeholder benefits, he pioneers geospatial solutions minimizing risks. George's GeoBIM solution promotes business innovation using geospatial tech. He’s pursuing a PhD at University College London on GeoBIM Asset Management and has multiple relevant degrees.


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ISO 19650 series and UK BIM Framework:

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