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#21 - Miranda Sharp - Data Decoded: Unearthing the True Value

September 04, 2023 Miranda Sharp Episode 21
BimTube Podcast
#21 - Miranda Sharp - Data Decoded: Unearthing the True Value
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Show Notes

In this captivating episode of the Bimtube podcast, we are privileged to have Miranda Sharp as our guest, a seasoned digital data expert with a distinguished background spanning Royal Mail, Ordnance Survey, and her current venture, Metis Digital.

During this podcast, we engage in crucial discussions on data quality, sharing, maintenance, and efficient utilization, providing practical examples. Furthermore, we delve into data decay, digital replicas, and perspectives for managing data in today's era.

Embark on an exploration into the authentic value of data - an invaluable asset that, as per Miranda, gains true significance when harnessed for decision-making. Be inspired by her vivid portrayal of the Tadcaster Bridge case, unveiling the pivotal role of information management in averting disasters. The conversation also explores equitable value exchange in data handling, acknowledging the importance of initial investments. As a collaborator with the Open Data Institute, Miranda emphasizes human guidance alongside AI for valuable insights. You can tune in for a journey into data and the art of decision-making.

About Miranda Sharpe MA (Oxon), MBA:
Miranda Sharp established Metis Digital to connect data professionals with opportunities for value creation. She advises clients, the Mayor’s Smart London Board, Centre for Cities, ICO's Technology Advisory Panel, the National Digital Twin Programme, and SME See Sense.

Previously, at the Ordnance Survey, she led cross-functional practices using place-based data.

Miranda on LinkedIn: Miranda Sharp LinkedIn


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