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#23 - Matthew Leaver - Mastering Information Management (IM) for GIS and Beyond

September 12, 2023 Matt Leaver Episode 23
BimTube Podcast
#23 - Matthew Leaver - Mastering Information Management (IM) for GIS and Beyond
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Show Notes

In this BimTube podcast episode, we speak with Matthew Lever, Global GIS Platform Director for Arcadis, about the crucial role of information management (IM) in Architecture, Engineering and construction (AEC) projects. Matthew highlights how IM enhances collaboration, communication, and decision-making. He also offers guidance on implementing effective IM practices, which cover Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Digital Construction, BIM, and 'Digital Twins'.

Matthew asserts that IM is vital for the success of any project, whether it's a single initiative, an organisation-wide strategy, or an industry-level approach. Properly managed information ensures that team members have timely access to essential data, thereby improving project outcomes.

To implement effective IM, Matthew stresses the need for a clear plan and appropriate tools. He also emphasises the importance of involving all stakeholders in the IM process.

Note: The views expressed are Matthew's personal opinions and not those of his employer.

About Matthew Lever, MSc, FRGS, CGeog(GIS)
Matthew leads a dynamic team at Arcadis, managing multiple GIS platforms that support the company's global operations. He also manages Arcadis's relationship with GIS supplier, Esri. Matthew has extensive experience in the AEC sector, overseeing complex GIS deployments and producing actionable insights through high-quality maps and analyses.

Previously, as Chair of the UK Association for Geographic Information, Matthew gained a deep understanding of geospatial data applications in various sectors like engineering, environment, and health. His unique blend of education and experience makes him a sought-after professional in the industry.

ISO 19650 series and UK BIM Framework:

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