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#22 - Sam Roberts - Underground Mapping: Precision and Promise

September 10, 2023 Sam Roberts Episode 22
BimTube Podcast
#22 - Sam Roberts - Underground Mapping: Precision and Promise
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Show Notes

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In the latest episode of the BimTube Podcast, Sam Roberts, a geospatial expert, discusses his 16-year experience in underground surveying. He stresses the importance of accurate underground data for safety and efficiency, given the hidden assets like pipes and cables. Errors can result in safety risks and costly delays. Sam introduces "digital twins," 3D models that help in data accuracy and planning. The podcast highlights two key points: the need for quality underground data and the importance of quality assurance.


  • Quality underground data is vital for safety and efficiency.
  • Digital twins improve data accuracy.
  • Quality assurance is key in underground mapping.

About Sam Roberts:
Sam is a Director at Met Consultancy Group. His expertise spans geospatial, heritage, and environmental sectors. He excels in operations, project management, and business development. Sam is skilled in strategic planning and technical consulting. His attention to detail and industry knowledge contribute to his success. He is passionate about geoscience and environmental challenges.

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ISO 19650 series and UK BIM Framework:

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