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#24 - Victor Alasia - Navigating Data Logistics with Enterprise Information Management (IM)

September 15, 2023 BimTube Episode 24
BimTube Podcast
#24 - Victor Alasia - Navigating Data Logistics with Enterprise Information Management (IM)
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Show Notes

Immerse yourself in this insightful podcast featuring special guest Victor Alasia, a Lead Solution Consultant at OpenText. The episode offers a comprehensive look into the intricacies of information systems, data management, and enterprise solutions across various sectors.

Victor discusses Geography, Systems Architecture, Solutions
Architecture, Data Management and Building Information Management.

By delving into these concepts in this conversation, you'll learn about:
- Interconnected Systems: Learn why considering sectors like construction, engineering, and asset management as isolated entities is a limited approach.
- Key Management Tools: Understand the critical role of Building Information Modelling (BIM) and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in project and asset management.
- Organisational Challenges: Become aware of the common inefficiencies within companies and the need for a systems-level approach to remedy them.
- Data Standards: Gain insight into the importance of adhering to global data management standards and the pressing need for Environmental, Social, and Governance goals.

The episode wraps up with expert advice on the continual need for education in data management for efficient business operations. Whether you're a decision-maker in your organisation or simply interested in the complex world of data, this podcast is a valuable resource.

More about Victor Alasia, MSc, PGCert, BSc (Hons), MIAM, MCIHT, MBCS
Victor, who is currently a Lead Solutions Consultant, is a Solutions Architect, Systems
Architect, Spatial Scientist and Geographer with two decades of experience in Geospatial Solutions,
Enterprise Solutions and Enterprise Systems (including Environmental Management Systems, Urban
Management Systems, Asset Management Systems, Information Management Systems and Supply
Chain Integration and Interoperability Systems).

Victor's LinkedIn:

Full References
As there is a very comprehensive list of references for this episode, these are contained in this document >references

ISO 19650 series and UK BIM Framework:

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